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Excluding parts

When you buy a clone from us, we assume that you want an exact copy of your original website or webshop. However, this is not necessarily the case. You probably already know about our exclusions function, which prevents certain things on your website from being excluded from translation or from being modified. It is also possible to remove parts of your website completely on your clone.

Exclude from translation

Some of our customers do not want to have all the content on their clone translated. An example: an informative website on which only the homepage and contact page are relevant for purchasing services, but for which not all hundreds of blog posts need to be translated. By adding a simple piece of code to the source code of your original website, this is possible. The piece in question is:

<meta clonable-translate="no">

You can add this to the source code of any page you don't want Clonable to translate. If you don't know how, ask your IT department, hosting party or developers for help.

Excluding products

Perhaps you don't want to offer exactly the same product range on your clone as on your original site. For example, if delivery is more difficult due to the size of the product. Unfortunately, we cannot remove product pages from the clone, but we do have other custom solutions. For example, we can exclude products in the shopping cart, so it will say 'Not available in the Netherlands'. This will work differently for all sites. If you are interested in this kind of customisation, please contact us.