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Subfolder exclusions

When you clone your WooCommerce webshop and you use a subfolder, there are a few standard exclusions that you need to add, to make sure the clone functions properly. These exclusions are /wp-admin/, /wp-content/ en /wp-includes/, because they need to be visited from the root. You can manually add these to the Subfolder exclusions of your clone.


Incorrect translation of JSON fields

WooCommerce works well for the most part, but at checkout, validating (payment) data goes wrong. This is easily solved by adding some translation exclusions. These prevent the translation of JSON fields that the API uses to pass certain status codes to the frontend.

Translation exclusions
Additional help

Are you still having problems with your website or webshop after these adjustments? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help you set up your clone correctly.

Optional: Woocommerce email translation plugin

Clonable developed a WooCommerce plugin that translates the standard emails generated in WooCommerce to the language of the customer.


When your shop uses customized email templates, our plugin will overwrite these. Thus, make sure you first save your templates before you install our plugin!

Install the plugin

Ask your accountmanager for the ZIP file of the plugin. After this you install and activate the plugin in your WooCommerce shop. You do this by visiting {site_url}/wp-admin/plugin-install.php], and clicking the Plugin upload button.

Install the languages

Activating plugin and translating separate text

The plugin is now in the left menu under the name Clonable email translations. Activate the translations by clicking the checkbox, and choose the language for your translation. Plugin activeren

After you have activated the plugin for a certain language, you can enter translations for the words that are used in the original emails. The screenshot below gives an example of what that might look like. Plugin vertalingen


It may happen that a word like 'Payment method' is not picked up correctly. In that case, make sure you put the colon (:) behind it, just like in the screenshot above.

Translating email subject, header and additional content

Within the WooCommerce email settings {site_url}/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=email, different parts can be translated. The screenshot below shows how the email subject, header and additional content of a WooCommerce email can be edited. Plugin email instellingen