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DNS settings

By cloning a site with Clonable, the new site is then loaded on a different domain than the original site. For this other domain, other DNS data will also apply. As soon as you have signed up for Clonable, you will receive an email from us with the DNS records that need to be changed. You can let your IT department do this, or you can always ask us for help. But of course you can also try it yourself.

In the mail, and also in the backend of Clonable, the new DNS records are mentioned. In the image below you can see how the table with DNS you receive from us looks like. For type A, these are the new IPv4 addresses, which serve as replacements for the original. The AAAA types are those IPv6 addresses and a combination of letters and numbers. If you don't know where to change these, you can ask for help from your server host. Once the DNS are changed, the clone will be technically checked. All clones from Clonable need to have the same DNS settings. This is because they all refer to our Clonable server. So if you order multiple clones, for example German, Flemish and French, then the DNS data for each of these clones are the same.


Below is an example of what the table of DNS data would look like if you cloned the website to As you can see, for both the domain with www. and without www., you need to implement an A- and an AAAA-type DNS.


Use this table to copy the correct DNS data when you go change them. This will prevent you from making spelling mistakes.

For the different servers or CMS systems, the program to adjust the DNS may look different. Ask your server host or technical team for help if you can't figure this out yourself.