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Whitelisting IP addresses

When you use Clonable, much of the web traffic will pass through our servers. This traffic unfortunately sometimes includes malicious traffic. While we try to filter out as much of the malicious traffic as possible before it reaches your server, we cannot stop everything without also blocking some legitimate users.

If you are using a firewall or fail2ban system yourself, that firewall may see Clonable as a malicious user and block all of our requests. If this happens, your clones will no longer be available. It is therefore important that you add our outgoing IP addresses to a whitelist. After creating a clone you will receive an email from Clonable containing the IP addresses you need to whitelist to prevent blocking. Blocking individual malicious requests is also fine (and is encouraged), as long as our servers are not (permanently) banned.


If you are not sure if such a system exists for your site, ask your IT department or web host for more information. They can also help you whitelist our servers. We include the visitor's IP address in the X-Real-IP and X-Forwarded-For headers, so you can also set your firewall to use those values as the recipient's IP address. This is the best solution in most cases, but unfortunately not always possible.