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Changing text

It may happen that you need to change a piece of text on your cloned site. This could be the case, for example, of a piece of text containing the word 'Netherlands', which needs to be changed to 'Germany'. It can also happen that a Dutch word is different in the Flemish language. For example, Belgians will use the word 'webshop' for the Dutch word 'webwinkel'.

Unfortunately, it can also happen that Clonable does not translate a word correctly, or that there is a specific jargon term that our system does not know. Fortunately, these translation errors are always easy to solve.

Using our live editor, you can easily change text on your cloned site. In the live editor, enter the URL of the page you want to make changes to at the top. After this you can hover your mouse over a piece of text, after which an orange pencil appears which you can click to change the corresponding text. In the pop-up that appears you can change the text to your liking. When you save it, the change will be applied immediately.


Please note that you cannot change pages in the live editor. So if you want to go through your entire site, you will have to enter the different URLs at the top each time.