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Translating URLs

URLs, or web addresses, can also be translated using Clonable. To do this, go to 'Url translations' in the left side menu in Clonable's backend. On this page you will see several options. You can add the translations of the URLs yourself, or let Clonable translate it automatically.

Adding URLs yourself

At 'Url translations' you can add the translations of the URLs yourself. This can be done manually for each URL by adding the original URL at 'Original url or old translation' and adding the replacement URL at 'Translation or correction'.

Please note:

Only add the URL starting at the '/ ' sign, do not copy the entire URL. The domain name for your translated site is different than the original domain name, so if you add the whole URL Clonable will look for this URL in your translated site and will not find it, meaning the URL will not be updated.

After this, click 'Save' and the URL will be modified. However, it is easier to upload the URL translations in bulk, which saves a lot of time. To do this you need to upload the URLs in a CSV file, with per line the original URL and the modified URL separated by a comma (,) or a semicolon (;). This is subject to a maximum of 5000 URL translations with a maximum of 256 characters per line.


You can upload this file under 'Bulk upload' --> 'Choose file' --> 'Upload'. After this all URLs in your file will be adjusted.


Automatically translate URLs

Clonable also makes it possible to automatically translate URLs for you. For this you only need to click 'Enable' at 'BETA: Automatic url translations'. Clonable will now automatically translate all your URLs. It is important that you check some of the URLs, because it may happen that small parts of the URL or the wrong use of punctuation marks cause Clonable to not translate the URL correctly.


How do I change translated URLs?

It may happen that there is an error in your translated URLs, or that you still want to change them. Fortunately, this is possible! Changing the translated URLs can be done in several ways, but depends on how you have implemented your URL translations: did you add them yourself (manually, and/or via bulk) or did you let Clonable translate them automatically?

Changing self-translated URLs

It could be that you made a mistake in translating URLs, or want to use a different URL after all. Unfortunately, it is not possible to undo previously translated URLs. The only way to change them is by manually entering a correction for this URL. This can be done by adding the wrong translation as it is now at 'Url translations' under 'Original url or old translation'. Under 'Translation or correction' you can add the new translation. Afterwards, click on 'Save'.

Changing automatically translated URLs

If you have chosen to automatically translate the URLs, it is only possible to make changes via the 'URL translations'.

Please note!

Simply turning off the automatic translation option will only prevent the automatic translation of URLs that have not yet been translated. You cannot change URLs that have already been translated!

If you want to make changes you will have to add the wrong translation as it is now at 'Url translations' under 'Original url or old translation'. Under 'Translation or correction' you can add the new translation. Afterwards click on 'Save'.

If you see an error in the automatically translated URLs concerning a word that is wrongly translated, for example a certain jargon term, then it is also possible to change these terms for each URL at the same time. This is done by placing the URL part to be replaced in the 'Original' column under 'Automatic url translation rules' and entering the correction under 'Replacement'. Then click 'Add' and every URL in which the part to be replaced occurs will now be modified. There is a maximum of 25 changes for these. If more changes are needed you better add them under 'Url translations'.