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XML feeds

With Clonable, it is also possible to translate the XML feeds of your site. XML feeds are usually shopping feeds. This allows your products to be found on Google shopping, for example.

Please note!

We charge extra for translating XML feeds.

You might want to use Google Shopping for your clone to reach more visitors. For example, if you have a webshop for soccer shoes, it might be useful to put these soccer shoes in the French Google Shopping as well. You can then translate your existing product feed through Clonable and import it into Google Shopping.

To translate your XML feed, go to the backend of Clonable. In the left side menu, click on 'XML feeds'. Here you can add your XML file. Clonable will then translate it for you.

XML feeds

Translation time

Feeds are translated with a lower priority than web pages. Due to this and to the fact that feeds often contain many and large text fragments it can take a long time (several hours in case of thousands of products) for a feed to be translated, especially when you translate a feed for the first time.

Exclude fields

Some fields such as price or links are not useful to translate. You can exclude these to reduce the cost of translation. You do this by unchecking the checkbox under Translate for the field you do not want to translate. In addition, if you do not want this field to be in the translated feed either, you can uncheck the checkbox under Include. For example, in the example below you can see that only the title and description are translated by Clonable. You can change these settings afterwards by re-uploading the feed.

Velden kiezen om te vertalen

Clonable will indicate exactly how much translating the XML feed will cost you. This way you can consider whether you think it's worth the cost, or if you might want to resize the file. When you upload a second version of the same XML feed, previously translated segments will not be included in the cost. This means that non-adapted elements will not be charged again when you upload a new version of your feed.

Updating feeds

When you have added new products to your site, you can update the translated feed by clicking on the cog in the in the list of feeds near the feed you want to update. You can then upload the new version of your original feed and change the settings for the fields to be translated if necessary. Again, you will see how much the updated translation will cost you.

Downloading feeds

In the overview of your feeds, you can download both the translated and the original version of each feed. You can also copy the link to the translated version of your feed to your clipboard. This link is also available for third party services.