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Translation credits

Clonable subscriptions with translation are based on the number of translation credits of the website or webshop that needs to be cloned. Depending on the amount of text on your original website / webshop a subscription with matching monthly price is chosen. A webshop with many products will logically need more translation credits and therefore a larger subscription than an informative website with few pages. But what exactly do we mean with translation credits? What is and isn't included, and how do we determine which subscription is right for you?

What are translation credits?

By translation credits we mean all the content of a website that needs to be translated, or content that is different on a clone than on the normal site. This obviously includes text, both text on the page itself and the text in meta titles and meta descriptions. If you use very long meta descriptions for each page, for example, the translation credits can quickly add up and you will incur more costs. We therefore do not recommend this. In addition, some images can also be translated, but only if they are embedded in the text. Therefore, always try to add the images on your website outside the text. In principle, the easiest thing to remember is that if something is part of a paragraph or sentence, the entire HTML is counted. For stand-alone parts, only the text is counted.

How do I know how many translation credits I need?

For the amount of translation credits you need, you can use a general reference table, here you can lookup how many products/pages fit in a package. If you have a large website/webshop, you will automatically end up with a larger package.

PackageNumber of translation creditsNumber of pages
Extra small200.000± 50-75 pages
Small1.000.000500 - 1000 pages
Extra small2.000.0001000 - 3000 pages
PackageAmount of translation creditsAmount of products
Ecommerce small1.000.000500 - 1000 products
Ecommerce medium5.000.000up to 5000 products
Ecommerce large50.000.000up to 75.000 products

You can then check approximately how many translation credits you have on your site. For example, a product page will contain around 500 translation credits, but for a blog article this will soon be a lot more. If you still have doubts about which subscription you should take or if you find it difficult to estimate how many translation credits you need, feel free to contact us. translation credits

What if I haven't chosen enough translation credits?

You may have chosen a certain package, but still don't have enough translation credits to translate your website. You can always see in the Clonable backend how many translation credits have been used and how many you have left. To do this, go to Your name --> Your subscription. If you are almost at the end of your limit, you can purchase additional translation credits in the right-hand menu.


When you have a monthly problem with too few translation credits it might be wise to change to another subscription. If you are not sure whether you want to switch, please contact us with us.