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For WooCommerce, the Clonable WordPress plugin can also be used. Check out the WordPress plugin here.

Subfolder exclusions

When you clone your WooCommerce webshop and you use a subfolder, there are a few standard exclusions that you need to add, to make sure the clone functions properly. These exclusions are /wp-admin/, /wp-content/ en /wp-includes/, because they need to be visited from the root. You can manually add these to the Subfolder exclusions of your clone.


Additional help

Are you still having problems with your website or webshop after these adjustments? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help you set up your clone correctly.

Optional: Woocommerce email translation plugin

We recommend our customers with WooCommerce to use the WooCommerce Email Template Customizer plugin. This plugin makes it very easy to create translations of all your WooCommerce emails. You can easily edit and design the templates. You can find this plugin in the plugin catalog of WooCommerce. By using this plugin you will ensure that emails from your clone can be sent easily as well. In addition, email traffic in the customer's language also provides extra trust and assurance, making customers more likely to purchase products from your shop.

woocommerce email plugin