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Welcome to Clonable, the ultimate tool to easily internationalise your website. In this guide, you will learn how to create your first translated clone. The steps are generally the same for all platforms and systems, but for some platforms we offer integrations that make setting up your clone just a little easier.

Creating your account

Before you can start using Clonable, you must first create an account. To sign up, enter your name and email address and choose a password. Once you have registered your account you will be automatically logged into our dashboard.

Creating your first clone

Once you're logged into our dashboard, you can get started right away and create your first clone.


You can try Clonable for free for 14 days! During these 14 days, you can create and use 1 clone free of charge. Please note however, that only a limited number of pages will be translated during the trial period.

Choose the follow-up guide for your platform below for further instructions. Is your platform not listed? Then choose 'Other platforms'.