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⚡️ Quick Start

Get started with Clonable! The first steps you need to take:

1. Domain name

Choose a domain name for your clone and reserve it. For a clone with translation, it makes sense to translate the original domain name. For clones without translation, you can sometimes use the original domain name, if not, you will have to modify it a bit. You have the choice between domains and subdomains, for example or You can reserve your domain name by contacting your hosting company and telling them which domain name you want to use. They will then let you know whether this name is still available.

2. DNS settings

After you have reserved the new domainname, the DNS settings for this new domain need to be altered. The DNS settings will initially refer to your own server, but eventually they will need to refer to our Clonable server. In this article you will read about how to do this.

3. Language tags

Besides the DNS settings, you will also need to set your language tags. By installing the right language tags you make sure that Google and other search engines view your cloned site as original content, instead of duplicate content. In this article you can find information about how to do this.

4. Account

When everything is set and we checked your clone, you will receive an email from us. When you go to the login page of Clonable, fill in your email and press 'Forgot my password'. You will then receive another email from us with a link to set a new password. After doing this you can login to the backend of Clonable yourself.

✏️ Customizing your clone

After going live, you can start making changes. We recommend this top 10:

  1. Changing text
  2. Changing logo
  3. Changing images
  4. Setting preferences: the shipping country and automatically selected payment method in the checkout.
  5. Contact information
  6. Translating URLs
  7. Add brandnames to your Exclusions
  8. For SEO: edit the Metatitles and metadescriptions
  9. Check the Checkout and shopping cart: add one of your products to the shopping cart and check whether you can pay.
  10. Are the keywords correct? It is possible that other translations have been used. If necessary, do a keyword search to verify this. Start with online marketing, test with Google and social ads, and start using linkbuilding.

🤷 Trouble figuring it out?

First ask your IT-department or hosting party for help. If they cannot help you, free to contact us by email or by phone.