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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a programme of Google for collecting and displaying detailed statistics and data of a website or webshop. Through Google Analytics, you get insight into the behaviour of your visitors, the number of visitors, where they come from and much more. If you use Google Analytics for your original website, you probably want to use it for your clone as well. You can create your own property for your clone underAdmin --> + Create Property. If you don't have a Google Analytics account yet, it is very easy to create one with your Google account. There are five main features in Google Analytics.


Here you can track user activity on your site as it is happening. The data is constantly updated and each page view is recorded on your site just seconds after it has taken place. Realtime displays the following:

  • the number of people currently on the site
  • their locations
  • the keywords and sites that referred them
  • which pages visitors are viewing
  • live conversion


Under audience, you will be able to see at one glance the most important visitor data for the selected period. At the top, you can select the time period for which you want to see the results. You then get insight into the number of sessions (the number of separate sessions visited by all users on your site) and users. In addition, you also get insight into the bounce percentage: the number of sessions where only one page is visited, after which the visitor leaves the website. The percentage should be max 50%. If it is higher, you are probably attracting the wrong audience.


In the acquisition report, you can see where your visitors come from. The main reports are in all traffic. Here you will find where your visitors come from, and whether it is organic, direct or referring traffic. This is divided into 6 different groups: organic, paid search traffic, referring, direct, social media and email. If you have linked Google Ads under Manage, you can also access information from the campaigns here. You can also link Search console.


Under behaviour, you can see which pages your visitors visit, how long they visit each page and on which page they leave the website. How many page views did your website get in total? How many unique page views? How long on average was a visitor on a page and what was the average exit percentage? You can also see on which page visitors enter and which ones they leave. The exit pages in particular tell you a lot about which pages to optimise.


If you already have a Google Analytics account, you need to replace the property ID for the correct conversion measurements. Instead of the ID of the original website, use the ID of the clone's property. You easily replace this using the substitution rules.