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Translation rules

Translation rules

Translation rules allow you to apply simple search-and-replace rules to your url translations. Saved rules are automatically applied to new url translations.

URL Rules

How do I add a translation rule ?

You can easily add a URL-Rule in a few steps.

  1. Click the + Add new rule button.
  2. Under Orginal enter what you want to be modified (e.g. you thus only enter "/bezahlen/" here
  3. Then enter at Replacement what the new URL will be (e.g. you thus also only enter "/checkout/" here.
  4. Click preview here you will see which URLS will be modified.

URL Rules preview

  1. If you want future URLs to also apply this rule, check "Also apply this rule to future automatic translations ".
  2. When you are sure of your URl translation rule, select confirm and your rule will be applied.
  3. Not satisfied with your created rule? Then you can easily click the trash bin icon.