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DNS settings

When you use a subdomain or other domain for your clone, it is necessary that you set the DNS records for that (sub)domain correctly. DNS records ensure that the domain you use for your clone is linked to clonable.

Subfolder clones

If you have created a clone on a subfolder, you do not need to make any DNS changes for this.

The DNS settings for your clone

In your clone's settings, under the Setup information tab, you can see which DNS records still need to be set. You can also manually recheck there when you have set up the DNS records and want to check them. The DNS records are also automatically checked periodically.

Domain registration with Clonable

If you want to put your clone on a new domain and it is not yet registered, you can choose to register the domain via Clonable. The DNS records will then be set up correctly automatically.

Below is an example of what the DNS data table would look like if you cloned the website to As you can see, you need to create both A- and AAAA-type DNS records for the domain with www. and without www.


Please note that many providers do not require the entire domain to be entered when creating the records, but only the part for the main domain. In many (but not all!) cases, the main domain uses an @ and your entry will need to look something like this:


For different servers or CMS systems, the programme to adjust the DNS may look different. Ask your hosting party or IT department for help if you can't figure it out yourself.


Changes to DNS records are often not immediately visible and may even revert to their old version when they have just been modified. Generally, the records should be active an hour after setting, but this can take up to 24 hours depending on your ISP.