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Clone settings

Under 'Clone settings' you can change different types of settings of your clone. To do this you first need to click the clone for which you want to view / modify the settings. in the backend of Clonable. Then choose 'Clone settings' in the side menu on the left. At the top left of the page you will see tabs for different kind of settings.

General settings

Here you can change the general settings of your clone: the language and country code of your clone, if necessary. It is also possible to enable bot protection. With bot protection, Clonable scans every visitor of your clone to try to ward off bots. This setting is turned off by default, as Clonable uses a list of incorrect IPs to ward off bots. You can enable Bot protection and additionally customize this page to your liking. For example, you can personalize the text of the title of the page, and the text of the subtitle to your liking. It is also possible to change the colors of the page, for example, in the theme colors of your own product or website.

Subfolder settings

Under 'Subfolder settings' you can indicate if Clonable should use certain subfolders of your site as the 'original' domain name. This is not necessary, only if preferred. If you do not change these settings, will show the cloned version of If you enter a subfolder at either 'Origin subfolder' or 'Clone subfolder', it will be adjusted accordingly. It is also possible to enter exclusions on these lines at the bottom.



Original domain: Clone:

  1. Origin subfolder:

Then will show the cloned version of

  1. Clone subfolder:

Then will show the cloned version of

Body and head additions

Under 'Body and head additions' you can add custom scripts or content such as CSS to your clone. Custom CSS allows you to change things on your website, like the text color. All content added to the top block will be added to the end of the HTML head. Content added in the bottom block will be added to the end of the HTML body.


The order of the HTML is determinative. HTML defined later will overwrite the HTML defined earlier. This may lead to certain changes not being picked up properly. Check this before saving the CSS.

Setup information

Under 'Setup information' you can see an overview of the DNS data and language tags of your clone. It will show you if there is still action to be taken, or if everything is already set up correctly. If all text is in green, the settings are correct and you don't have to do anything. If there are some red error messages, you probably need to adjust some settings. For an explanation of the DNS data please visit the corresponding article in this knowledgebase.

Usage and billing

Here you will find everything about the pricing and usage of your clone.

Quotum info

When you buy a clone with translation from us, that translation usually has a maximum of 2 million characters. Under "Quotum Info" you can see exactly how many characters you have already used this month. In other words, here you can see how much has already been translated by Clonable this month. It could be that you have exceeded your limit, causing Clonable to stop translating, leading to some parts of the text on your website not being translated. Fortunately, you can always buy extra characters. Under 'Extra bundles' and 'Overuse' you can see how many extra bundles you have bought, and if there is overuse.


Additional characters

If you don't have enough characters you can buy them here. You can opt for a one-time purchase of a number of characters (One-time bundles) or you can set a limit. By setting a limit, you don't have to buy characters manually everytime you need them. Instead, they will be bought automatically everytime you exceed the maximum number of characters. With the limit, you indicate the maximum of costs you want to make for extra characters per month, should this be necessary.

Subscription management

Here you can cancel and terminate your clone, should you wish to do so. To do this, you only need to fill in the domain name of the clone and click on 'Cancel subscription'. After canceling a clone it will still be available until the end of your billing period. So you can still undo this action until the end of that period.

Are you thinking about deleting your clone because something is not to your satisfaction? Please do not hesitate to contact us first. We will be happy to help you.