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Changing USPs

With USPs (Unique Selling Points), you tell the visitor to your website what sets you apart from the rest. Usually, these USPs are at the top of the website, just below or above the menu. Think for example about the delivery time, money-back guarantee etc. These may be different for the clone than for your original website. Shipping time for example may differ from country to country. You can easily change the USPs in Clonable.


The easiest way to customise the USPs is through our editor. Since the USPs are the same on every page, it doesn't matter which URL you use to customise them. Choose the homepage, for example, and enter the URL at the top of the editor. If all goes well, you can click on the USPs and edit the text to your liking. Once you have modified them, the change will be applied to the entire website. It is thus not necessary to edit the USPs on each page.

Substitution rules

In almost all cases, you can use the editor to modify the USPs. If this is not possible, change them using the substitution rules. Always check how the text is embedded in the source code first. Usually it will be enclosed in brackets such as >USP<. Copy this way of writing into the substitution rules to ensure that the change comes through properly.