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Changing filters

By change filters, we mean the certain subgroups within which your customers can search. Think for example of certain colours, materials etcetera. If the product or category filters on your website are not translated, you can still change them yourself using Clonable.

Text replacements

Try adjusting the filters first by using the text replacements. In this case, also pay close attention to any capitalisation. In the left-hand column, enter the name as it is now, and in the right-hand column the desired translation.

Substitution rules

If it doesn't work to adjust the filters with the text replacements, use the substitution rules. Look at how the filters are written in the source code, and adopt this notation. Probably the text is enclosed in parentheses, for example >text< or "label"="text". Then copy the entire section and change the text.


In some cases, filters are loaded from a storeview or CMS. In such cases, it may not always be easy to adjust the terms. This then has to be done, for example, through certain modifications in JSON or using regular expressions. As this is a bit more technical, we are happy to help you with this. In this case, please contact us.