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Changing phone number

If you have a website in a country other than the Netherlands, it is logical that your phone number will change for visitors to your site because the area code is different. For example, the Dutch mobile number 06 12 34 56 78 will need to be displayed on the foreign website as +31 6 12 34 56 78. This also applies, of course, to landlines such as 0123 456 789, which should be displayed on the foreign site as +31 123 456 789. These are also easy to modify. You can best adjust this using our live editor. Check all the places on your site where your phone number is listed, so you can adjust this everywhere.


Make sure that the phone number in the clickable links, for example on the mobile version, are also adjusted. If not, you will have to add the correct link by means of a substitution rule.