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Cookies wijzigen

It is possible that the cookies on your cloned site are not translated immediately. This is probably because the cookies are loaded from an external source.

Substitution rules

Because the cookies are loaded, the text cannot be translated with the editor, as it cannot access them. You will then have to use substitution rules to adjust the text in the cookie notification. Often this is enclosed, for instance with <p> or <span>. Always check the source code first to see how the text in the cookie notification is enclosed. You may have to use several substitution rules to translate all the individual parts of the cookie notification.


In some cases, Clonable cannot change the cookies, for example if they are loaded by a javascript. In these cases, there are two options. If you have a programme, which allows you to modify the cookie notification yourself, you can see if you might be able to create a translated version. This can then use subsitution rules to take the place of the original notification. If this is not possible, the only option is to remove the clone's cookie notification. We usually solve this with custom CSS or javascript. If you need help with this, please contact us.