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Changing email address

When creating a clone, your email address is automatically added as a substitution exclusion by Clonable, which means that it will remain the same for every clone. However, it is possible to use a different email for your cloned website, and change this in Clonable.

The easiest way to change the mail is to use our live editor, and change it on every page where your email address is mentioned. Another way is to use the substitution rules. To do this you need to enter your original email address in the left column of the Clonable backend, and the new mail address in the right column. It is also important that you remove your email address from the exlusions in Clonable, otherwise the substitution will not be picked up.





Do you want to keep the same email? Then this change is not necessary. The email address will then be the same for each of your clones.