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Changing popups

A smart way to attract some extra attention with your webshop or website is to use popups. For example, one with a discount code for the customer when they subscribe to your newsletter or extra discount when they create an account. These pop-ups are usually used to increase site conversion rates, and they have also been proven to work. It is therefore relevant that you specialise your pop-ups on the clone's target market. Both when you purchase a clone with, and when you purchase a clone without translation.

Adjust text

It may happen that the text in the pop-up is not immediately translated. This is because the text in pop-ups is embedded. You can adjust the text in the pop-up just like how you adjust normal text on your clone. But please note that using our editor will not work. Pop-ups are loaded on a site only when a certain time passes or when the visitor performs a certain action. Unfortunately, our editor cannot access this. You therefore change the text with our substitution rules. First try to modify the text with our text-replacement function. If this does not work, then you need to adjust the text with the normal substitution rules. Look in the source code how the text is embedded and adopt this style.

Customise buttons

The pop-up most likely contains a call-to-action. Perhaps to leave an email address, or go to an offer. Chances are there is a button or button in the pop-up that you hope the visitor will click. Translate the text in this button in the same way you change buttons on the clone. Look at how the text is embedded in the source code and copy it into the substitution rules. Then modify the text as required.

Adjusting images

You may also need to modify an image in the pop-up. For example, if it contains text that does not match the language of the clone or if the image is country-specific. You can adjust the images in pop-ups with our image replacement function. Please use the image replacement function of the substitution rules, not the one in the editor. As already explained, it probably won't work for the pop-up.