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Changing Reviews

If there is anything that encourages customers to purchase a product or service from you, it is positive feedback from previous customers. It is therefore important that visitors to your clone can also read about the experiences of previous customers. If you purchase a clone without translation, you can of course continue to use your original reviews. If you have a clone with translation, this will not be convenient. Read below how to load a translated version into Clonable for the different review programmes.

Webwinkelkeur / Valued shops

BAt Webwinkelkeur, you can purchase a Pro subscription where it is possible to set different languages for the integrations. In the Webwinkelkeur Dashboard, you can then select a language for the Sidebar, Widget, Banners and Reviews. You can set an additional name separately for your international webshops. You can choose whether to display the reviews in the respective languages separately or together. For example: you can choose to display only Dutch customer reviews on your Dutch page and display all customer reviews on your English page.

In addition, you can also find translated banners and images in the dashboard. These are available in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian. In another language, the name of Webwinkelkeur becomes: Valued Shops. In Clonable, you can then easily replace your original images with the translated version using subsitution rules or image replacements.


If you have multiple domains or businesses, Trustpilot's support team can add them to your account. After the new one is added and verified, you can easily switch and manage them through the same account. If you have multiple domains linked to your Trustpilot Business account, you can switch from one to another. The things that can be set separately for each shop are language settings and advanced settings for product reviews. You can also choose to merge the different business profiles. This way, the reviews from each individual company profile will appear on one combined main profile. This also means that your TrustScore on the main profile will be recalculated based on the merged reviews. Please note! This is permanent and cannot be undone. Clonable allows you to easily change widgets and images using the substitution rules.

Trusted shops

Both the Trustbadge and the Trusted shop service are available in more than 14 languages. Additional domains can be added to your certified domain, including the domain of your clone. In the My Trusted Shops dashboard, you can see on the right-hand side the shops that are registered with the corresponding IDs. By means of the substitution rules you can swap these IDs, so your clone can have the translated version of the badge and widget.

Other systems

If you have another system for your reviews that you would like to translate, please contact us.