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Changing a website link

It is likely that a page on your website refers to one of your other pages on the website. However, it is important that the link you use for this is the correct one. For example, on your Dutch site you will refer to, but for the German site this will be This will also have to be applied to the different pages of the website. Like that needs to be changed to

For this you can best use our live editor. This allows you to easily click on what you want to change. On top of the editor, enter all the URLs of the pages on which you want to change a website link. Then you can carefully adjust everything to your liking.

The link can also be hidden in for example a menu option, an image or a button on your website. When you hover over the menu option, image or button behind which the link is hidden, an URL will appear in the bottom left of the page. This URL indicates where the website will lead you after clicking it. You can thus see here which websitelink might need to be changed.


Suppose you link to an external page on your website, for instance the customer service. For another country, you then would want to link to a customer service page written in another language. This can be changed using the Substitution rules





Because you likely refer to the customer service on your website multiple times, the best way to change the link is using the Substitution rules, not the editor. By using the Substitution rules, you make sure the link is changed correctly on the whole website.