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Changing buttons

All buttons and buttons on websites/web shops contain text, and for a clone with translation, you obviously want this text to be translated as well. Some buttons may still contain the text of the original language. In that case, you have to edit this yourself. Adjusting text in buttons/buttons is done in the same way as adjusting loose text on your clone:

  1. Editor: First, try adjusting the text using the editor. At the top of the editor, enter the URL of the page on which the button or button is located. Then try whether you can adjust the text in the button.

  2. Text replacements: If you cannot change the text in the button using the editor, please use our text replacement function. Pay close attention to capitalisation.

  3. Substitution rules: If the text replacement option does not work either, it is probably because the text is embedded in the HTML. In this case, you need to copy a piece of the source code into the substitution rules to adjust the text. For example: >text<, value="text" of "text".