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Changing forms

Many websites or web shops include forms. For example, a form for a quotation request, or another contact form. In most cases, this form is translated by Clonable (for clones with translation). Sometimes, this does not work immediately, because such forms are often loaded by a certain script. In that case, you will have to modify the form yourself.

Own tool

You have probably created the form yourself, for example with a widget or via an external party such as HubSpot. In that case, it is easy to modify the form yourself, and create a foreign-language version. Each form has an ID, and with substitution rules it is easy to replace one ID with another. That way, on your clone, you can replace the orignal form with a translated version. This is also useful because you can then see through which domain the request was received.

Substitution rules

If it is just a short form, or you only need to change some small things, you can also use the substitution rules. As there is a maximum number of substitution rules per clone, we do not recommend this method if the form needs a lot of changes. Most likely, the form's components are enclosed, for example with <word> or <p>phrase</p>. Therefore, always look in the source code first, to see how the text is enclosed. You then adopt this spelling in the substitution rules.